New Research in Treating Peanut Allergies

Peanut allergies are something no one should mess with. We constantly see reports of people have server or even deadly reactions when it comes to their peanut allergies and now-a-days it makes you wonder why there isn’t a better way to treat this horrible allergy. The worse is what people with this allergy are missing out of, PB&J sandwiches and the limited places they are allowed to go, like baseball games.

Luckily a breakthrough study has happened, showing that it can possibly help people not get a peanut allergy in the first place. Studies are showing that you can train your immune system into tolerating peanuts. In order to achieve this, researchers say that by giving children a small amount of peanuts at a young age can help them in the long run, even if they are allergic to them.

On Monday, the New England Journal of Medicine published their findings that non-allergic young infants who ate peanuts when they were young had a lower rate of a peanut allergy. Doctors say that the age of four months to eleven months is an important window of opportunity to help build the immune system against allergies, such as this one.

Researchers don’t know how long the immunity to peanuts would last for someone who is allergic to them but are optimistic in their testing and research.


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