Trends to look for in 2015

Banner by: Tami Benedict

Banner by: Tami Benedict

Trends are something people are always going for. Whether it be the hot new pair of shoes that hit the runway or the new fad diet that promises to make you lose ten pounds in ten days, it is something that is a trend and people love them.

Since Boyd Brokerage loves food and food ingredients, we are obviously bias to the food trends that are constantly coming and going in our industry. Here is a list of compiled of 2015 food trends from Food Business News.

  • Home cooking will be key this year for healthier options and a better home experience.
  • Clean eating has been a “thing” for the last few years but not consumers are looking for a shorter and cleaner ingredient list. Mainly whole foods without additives.
  • Gluten Free labeling. This is also something that has been growing recently and we see it a lot at Boyd Brokerage. Consumers and manufacturers are taking advantage of this growing trend.
  • Coconut everywhere. With the Paleo trend still lively coconut is a crucial ingredient in most recipes today. Coconut oil, flakes, or flour are just a some to name a few that gives you a healthier option but basically the same great taste.
  • On to go options like nuts or protein bars are growing. Nutrition bars, to go pouches and more are in the works. Check out our DIY fruit bars here.

These are just a few trends that are making their way through 2015 and we know there will be more that sends us to our local Whole Foods to buy the next greatest thing.


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