Is MSG coming back?

MSG or monosodium glutamate, doesn’t have a good wrap when mentioned at a popular restaurant or over the dinner table. MSG was labeled as a bad spice when people began complaining about weakness and palpitation after eating at restaurants that were known for using MSG. Doctors ruled that too much MSG, much like salt, might make you dehydrated, tired, and ill.

MSG is commonly found in our favorite Chinese foods but is also common in cereal, tv dinners, and baby food. When people began getting knowledgeable about what was in their food and found that MSG could be a culprit of why they feel gross after eating Chinese food, an uproar began. Popular restaurants started becoming MSG free and promising their customers that they wouldn’t put MSG in their meals.

What many don’t know if the same glutamate that are found in MSG are also naturally found in mushrooms and Parmesan cheese, foods that don’t normally make you feel sick. What others don’t realize is there favorite condiments like soy sauce or black been sauce have MSG in it but doesn’t necessarily list it on the label.

Some believe that they misconception of MSG has come down to race, believing that MSG is only in Asian type dishes. MSG is common in KFC, Chick-fil-A, and Campbells soup. So what is the issue with it since we don’t hear people complaining about their soups?

The pro of MSG is the flavor it can give to certain recipes. A bowl of pho can be turned from ordinary to amazing with MSG added to it.

Although people say they are not a fan of MSG, many don’t know the true reasons why certain foods can be getting them sick and blaming a perfectly fine spice isn’t the way to go, especially since MSG has already been brought back to man restaurants without any knowing or complaining.

*Story found from the Seattle Times


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