Ethnic Flair to Ordinary Food

Getting people to change from their usual meal of choice is hard. With new rich flavors around and people slowly moving away from the idea of just Mexican and Asian food, Culinologist are faced with a dilemma, how do they get people to eat something new and exciting?

Charlie Baggs, executive chef and owner of Charlie Baggs Inc. told Culinology Magazine that getting consumers to try something new can be difficult, especially when it is attached to something that is familiar.

The key to breaking that stereotype and allowing the consumer to feel comfortable with what they are eating, is taking it in small steps. Using condiments to add an ethnic taste to ordinary food is convenient to both the consumer and the chefs.

Lisa Stern, vice-president of sales and marketing for LifeSpice Ingredients said that the fusion of unfamiliar flavors in everyday foods is stronger than it has even been, with mainstream dishes being combined with a variety of ethnic flavors to create a trendy comfort food.

Ethnic cuisines feature a wide variety of spices, including toasted spices, fresh herbs, and chiles varietals. Mixing ingredients such as these into one’s favorite condiment or comfort food gives an everyday dish new life.

Specific regions are helping Culinologist become inspired to create these new dishes. Today, chefs are mixing regional and international flavors to create new taste and including them in dishes like soups, pastas, burgers, breads, and sandwiches.

With more and more people traveling outside of the United States and experiencing other cultures, the demand for these flavors are growing and becoming more popular. The ethnic flavor trend does not seem like it will die down anytime soon.


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