Citrus is more than lemon and limes

There was once a time when citrus wasn’t as wildly popular as it is today. Lemon and limes were just that, lemon and limes, and rarely used as an added flavor to anything. But today we are seeing a rise in demand for citrus flavors and a variety at that.

Citrus can be paired with basically anything, especially if you’re a fan of the tangy flavor. We can add it to fruits and vegetables or even our protein for a great flavored dinner.

Lemon and orange have been among that favorites in the citrus world and now flavors like mandarin orange and blood orange are getting noticed. Consumers are also peaking their interest in meyer lemon flavors. Flavor variants are also a huge thing right now. Flavors like blood orange and key lime are making a scene in the citrus world, being slightly different then their more famous citrus flavor, and making consumers want to try them.

Right now, consumers are looking at a way to use these new flavors and focusing of what people want and what they will use the added flavor in. The most popular source for these added flavors, that would be beverages.

Beverages use a large volume of citrus product but now it is being introduced to marinades and sauces to help accent a variety of different dishes. In restaurants alone citrus flavor grew to over 21% on their menus.

Culinologist say that citrus flavors give consumers a refreshing clean flavor and a variety in ingredients, its a flavor that will never go out of style, only grow.


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