Almond Prices Rise Due to Drought

As we all know, California is in a pretty server drought. We also know that a large amount of almost are grown in California and in order to get a successful crop, they need a lot of water.

Almonds are one of the more popular nuts since it has a healthy attribute to it and people who are allergic to peanuts can eat almonds and have the same great taste and people don’t mind snacking on them. American consumers are known to eat about two pounds per person a year, that’s a lot of almonds!

Because of the drought and demand the crop is falling below demand and driving prices up. Justin’s, a popular almond brand, has driven its prices up 15 percent and says that isn’t the last price increase we will be seeing. Since nut butters popularity has risen, especially with almond butter, producers are having a hard time balancing the demand for the product and trying to keep their crop alive due to the drought.

You will probably see almonds, and other nuts, grow in price as the drought in California gets worse. May be time to start making your own nut butters.


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