Savory Fall Flavors Are Making A Hit

With Fall quickly approaching it means that some of our Summer favorite foods are heading out and savory Fall dishes are coming in. With these Fall dishes beginning to make appearance, new spices have began to make an appearance as well.

The Nation Restaurant News reported that spices like cinnamon, pumpkin, and nutmeg have made huge splashes in seasonal dishes this year, more then any year in the past. These spices are appearing in dishes like pizza, pasta, and meats.

Lorraine Platman, chef and owner of Sweet Lorraine’s restaurant, told Restaurant News,

“The fist time I added cinnamon to an entree guests said it it tasted sweet. I told them ‘It’s your imagination. Cinnamon is savory.'”

Chefs have been adding cinnamon to dishes like mac and cheese and cornbread to give the traditional flavors a more savory taste. Sidney Street Cafe in St. Louis is adding cinnamon and cardamom to its sweetbread and chef Kevin Nashan said,

“Autumn spices give the dish an elegant, unique approach and help balance the dish. These spices work especially well in meat dishes. It’s a fun touch and plays with people’s palate.”

Next time you are out to eat or browsing the grocery store keep your eyes open for these savory spices being introduced into your foods. More spices to be aware of are orange, cloves, smoked paprika, fennel, and leek.


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