Tips On How To Store Your Spices

If you’re like us and have an abundance of spices in your kitchen, storing them can be an issue. Proper storage for your spices are essential to keeping them fresh and bug free, yes bugs love our spices unfortunately.

HGTV felt your need for help on storing spices and came up with some great tips on how to properly save space and store your spices at the same time and it is pretty easy to do!

First look at your options for storing spices. Do you have a spare cabinet or an extra shelf? Having a three-tier spice rack really helps keep your spices organized but easy to get to. If you want to go even fancier, you can get a rolled out shelf so you can see all your spice options at once. Just remember to keep the spices out of direct heat and sunlight.

If you’re the type of person who cooks certain cuisines then organize the spices by the type of cuisines they go in. If you know you only have spices that work with Lebanese food then make a shelf just for those spices and so on, that way they stay neat and organized and easy to access.

Always do an annual sweep of your pantry and ditch your nasty spices. Some experts say that your spices may only last for six months but that is not the case. Ground nutmeg, turmeric, and ground herbs can all stay fresh for two or three years if you properly store them. Whole spices like cloves and cinnamon can last up to four years. Just go through your spices and see what looks good and what doesn’t, if the spice doesn’t look right to you then toss it.

Don’t always buy your spices in big bulk containers, especially if you don’t know if you will use it again. Specialty spice stores will sell spices in small containers and save you a lot of room and money since you won’t be throwing out spices you don’t use.

These are just a few helpful tips on organizing and storing your spices!


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