Thirsty Thursday: Candy Corn Punch

Candy Corn Punch by High Heels and Grills.

With Halloween only nine days away, why not make the next few Thirsty Thursday Halloween edition? A lot of people have Halloween parties or their kids have get together in the class room and nothing can beat an awesome Halloween themed drink to go with the festivities.

Today’s Thirsty Thursday is a kid friendly drink, although you can add alcohol if you choose to. This candy corn layered drink looks awesome and taste amazing. Everyone will be wondering how you got these drinks to look exactly like a candy corn!


  • Ice
  • Crush orange soda
  • Yellow Gatorade
  • Zero calorie lemonade Vitamin Water
  • Whipped orange cream vodka (if you choose)


Fill the cups you choose to use with ice. Then take your three mixtures and first add the orange soda until the cup is about 1/3 the way full. Next slowly pour the yellow Gatorade, pouring it on the ice so it slowly pours onto the orange soda without going through it. Stop when the glass is 2/3 filled. Lastly slowly pour the Vitamin Water down the ice and let it fall onto the Gatorade. If you decide to add alcohol you can do an orange cream floater. After that you are finished!

Let your drinks sit out and have every in awh at your beautiful drink creation. Try not to stir or add straws to the drink until everyone has seen them or the flavors will mix together. Have fun!


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