Black Pepper Ice Cream May Be the Next Craze

Black pepper and sea salt vanilla ice cream

Black pepper and sea salt vanilla ice cream

We all like our fancy ice cream flavors, like lavender and double chocolate chip with malt, but now ice cream makers around the world are beginning to dabble in a little more interesting flavors. We have seen ice cream flavors like olive oil and sea salt but now a new flavor may be making its way down the ice cream aisle.

Mintel reports that black pepper is beginning to make a trend in ice cream when it comes to food trucks or small parlors. What is the point of pepper in ice cream? Well it can help offset the sweet flavor that ice cream normally has, making your taste buds go wild with the array of different flavors it is experiencing. Currently in New York, Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream Parlor is serving a Szechuan Peppercorn Chocolate flavored ice cream, as well as, a Salt and Pepper Pinenut ice cream.

Mintel’s Ice Cream and Desserts UK 2015 report say that 48% of people are interested in trying ice creams that are made with ethnic ingredients and 35% of people like the idea of trying a hot (like spice, not warm) flavored ice cream.

So far a major ice cream brand has not yet released their own version of the pepper ice cream but as time passes don’t be surprised to see it on your shelves.

Interested in trying this new ice cream flavor? You can do it right at home by grabbing a bowl of vanilla or chocolate ice cream and sprinkling a little sea salt and black pepper on it. Be prepared for some flavor explosion though! If you decide to try this, let us know how you liked it!

We decided to try the ice cream homemade here at Boyd Brokerage and the outcome was overall positive. While the office wasn’t huge on the added sea salt to the ice cream, no one hated the taste of the pepper mixed in.

If you’re wondering what we did, we got regular vanilla ice cream and sprinkled sea salt and a mixture of 28 mesh black pepper (which is basically a table pepper) and fine black pepper on top of the ice cream. Tami mixed her pepper and salt into the ice cream while Suzi at it with the pepper and salt on top.


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