Products We Love: Sweet Earth BBQ Style Savory Grounds


Here at Boyd Brokerage we are all about spices but we also like finding and trying our customers products that they tell us about. While scanning the grocery store aisles, we are always overcome with joy when we see a customers product on the shelf and can’t wait to try it.

While shopping we happened to find a whole line of Sweet Earth’s vegetarian products and couldn’t wait to try it. We brought home the Sweet Earth BBQ savory grounds that said can be made into sloppy joes. We grabbed whole wheat buns and decided to try the savory bits for lunch.

After reading the instructions and easily warming the veggie meat in the microwave we slapped the bbq savory grounds on the buns and went about devouring them. Unlike typical sloppy joes the flavor was not sweet and tangy but instead it was savory and delicious. The ingredients included ginger, smoked paprika, and garlic and you can immediately taste the smoked paprika with every bite.

Although the Sweet Earth products are all vegetarian, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if you were a meat eater. The flavor that is packed into the savory grounds are so good, you don’t actually realize that you aren’t eating ground beef.

Best of all this product is extremely healthy for you. One service (2.5 oz) is only 90 calories and it contains 1 gram of sugar and 14 grams of protein! The bag has four servings total, so even if you decide to indulge it is not all that bad.

This is a product that we will definitely go and buy again. It will work well as a sandwich, on top of salad, or by itself. It is that universal.

Sweet Earth has other vegetarian products as well, like veggie patties and “bacon” so if you aren’t into sloppy joes, don’t worry, there is something that everyone will like.

Have you tried Sweet Earth’s products? What do you think?


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