Products We Love: Sonoma Gourmet Artichoke & Garlic Pasta Sauce



Finding a good pasta sauce can be hard, especially with all the added sugars and unknown ingredients that can go into them. Luckily while browsing our local Safeway we came across Sonoma Gourmet’s all natural pasta sauce. Now Sonoma Gourmet did not skimp of the variety of flavors to choose from, so after a long period of read ingredients and trying to decide, we settled on the artichoke and garlic pasta sauce.


With whole wheat noodles in hand, we knew what dinner was going to be that night and we were beyond excited. After cooking our noodles we threw our pasta sauce in and waited for it to cook. After serving it up, we dug in and not going to lie, this was some good pasta sauce.

The sauce wasn’t over powering or contained too much tomato paste like some other sauces can do. The garlic was perfect and the added artichoke made it even better, because honestly we are a fan of artichokes and having them as an added ingredients is a winner in our book. The sauce also wasn’t too thick. Other sauces are overly thick, so you get more sauce then pasta when you eat, but with Sonoma Gourmet the sauce perfectly coats the pasta and gives you enough sauce to pasta ratio.

Sonoma Gourmet offers a nice variety of sauces as well. They do a mixture of all natural and organic, so it caters to everyone’s needs, and they have amazing flavors like plum tomato marinara, butternut squash, kale pesto with white cheddar, and roasted vegetables. Sonoma Gourmet doesn’t only do pasta sauces though, they have a great olive oil to with some amazing flavors that you normally don’t see. Flavors like roasted chile de arbol, and orange & rosemary can really add to any dish.


Check out their site to look at their amazing products and let us know what you think about their awesome pasta sauces!




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