Bold Flavors Dominate 2015

With 2015 coming to a close, we decided to reflect on some of the great spices that made waves in kitchens around the world in 2015. Bold flavors and unfamiliar ingredients were a highlight in kitchens when chefs decided not to shy away from heat or spices.

Citrus made a splash in 2015 with its ability to brighten anything it touched. Grapefruit was among one of the fastest citrus fruits to grace menus in a variety of restaurants, according to Datassential MenuTrends.

Although chilies are supposed to be huge in 2016, they also made their mark in 2015. These spicy and smoky peppers have been growing in popularity on menus and chefs decided to advance on that by using chilies that were unknown to most people. Aji peppers being one of the most used peppers that use to be typically unknown will be even bigger in 2016. Chefs did not only use chilies whole though, oils that were infused with chilies also made the menu by being drizzled over salads or pork.

Ethnic cuisine was in demand this year, especially Indian flavor. Curry began appearing on menus everywhere, allowing restraunt goers to experience this flavor anywhere. Topping curry with sriracha sauce will give any heat loving person that spice they want. Adding garlic and shallots to any curry dish gives it an awesome kick that has people wanting more.

Ethnic flavors will still be around in 2016 as well as chilies dominating the menus. What was your favorite spice to eat this year?


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