Trends We Will Be Seeing in 2016

Happy New Year everyone! Now that we are in the first week of 2016 new trends are popping up all over the place. Some we have seen or heard about for a while now and others have taken us by surprise, but all in all, these trends seem like they are going to be awesome and bring a lot of flavor and spice to tables near us.

Savory is making a splash in almost everything. Trust me of this because a new trend is salad for breakfast and the savory combination in the morning is actually a good jolt to get you going. But besides salads, almost anything we can put our minds to can be turned savory, like oatmeal for instance. By adding sriracha and an egg to oatmeal, it turns a sweeter breakfast more savory. Even ice cream and yogurt are turning savory. Remember when we talked about black pepper ice cream? It’s a thing!

Smoked has been a huge trend lately but it may be leaving. As you may recall, smoked salts, cherries, and meats were huge and lasted a good long while but now people may be turning to charred and burnt more then they did in the past. Studies have shown that restaurant are adding “charred or burnt” to their menus and it has even risen 2% in the last decade. You will see this term used on foods like tomatoes or proteins but they could even slide into your cocktail ingredients.

Obviously we are going to be seeing more and more trends pop up as the year progresses forward but for now these trends are something that we can jump behind.


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