How To Add Flavor Without the Calories

With the New Year in full force, many of us have decided to change our lifestyle and eat better and live a healthier life. Sometimes this decision can be difficult though because giving up rich and delicious food that not only taste good but makes us feel good can be a bad omen for any diet plan.

Luckily there are ways to amp up the flavor of your healthy food without adding any calories to your meals. It sounds too good to be true but by fully stocking your spice cupboard can be a good helper on the road to a new you.

Obviously adding salt a pepper to any meal will give it a better flavor but some of us need to watch our sodium in take and pepper may not do the trick. Instead spice up that piece of chicken by adding red pepper flakes or hot sauce. Spiciness will bring any boring meal to life and will help reduce cravings, plus research shows that spicy food helps boost your metabolism. Grab some cayenne or pepper flakes at the grocery store next time and don’t be afraid to experiment.

If you’re not a fan of spiciness, then you can add citrus to the meal you are cooking. Acidity is a great way to boost your food and a little goes a long way. Try adding lemon to a dish that will give you so much flavor you’ll want seconds.

If flavor isn’t your problem but you want a more visually appealing meal, then try adding fresh herbs to your next dish. Chopping up parsley, cilantro, or basil and topping a great dish will not only add flavor but give an aesthetically pleasing view, perfect for that Instagram post. Adding these herbs also gives a nice texture to the meal you are preparing.

Going a diet can be a lot of work but just taking a few moments to spice that meal up or chop up some fresh herbs can make all the difference in being successful when it comes to great taking food.


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