Asian and Indian Cuisines Spike Growth in Spice and Seasoning Market


By 2020 the spice and seasoning market are predicting a growth that will exceed $6 billion, a $2 billion growth from 2015. According to Technavio, the market’s combined annual growth rate will be up by 6 percent in 2020.

What is surging this growth though? Consumers are now showing a willingness to experiment with new and unusual flavors that include Asian and Indian cuisines, which are becoming increasingly popular. Besides consumers using more spices, a high volume of Asian immigrants living in the country is also surging the market, with demands of convenience foods driving the growth.

The rise of immigrants entering the United States has also helped the growing sales in ethic foods in both retail and the foodservice industry. With the demand of more ethnic food, restaurants are now adopting flavors and seasoned dishes that meet the demand for these ethnic foods. With Asian and Indian cuisines, and other ethnic dishes, becoming increasingly popular there has been a rising number of convenient food mixes, ready-to-use spice mixes, and product innovations for home cooking readily available for consumers to use right in their own kitchen.


**Article previously seen in Specialty Food


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