Baobab, the Next Superfood

Move over chia seeds there is a new super food in town and its name is baobab…whatever that is. Eating super foods are such a trendy thing to eat right now that people are constantly looking for the next big thing to eat that will give their bodies all the nutrients it will ever need.

So what exactly is baobab? Baobab is an African fruit that is suppose to offer six times more vitamin C than oranges and 50 percent more calcium than spinach. Say what. Baobab gives off both a sweet and sour taste which means it can virtually be mixed with anything or just eaten alone. Studies show that eating the pulp of a baobab can help prevent liver damage and hepatitis too.

The Food and Drug Administration has already given their approval of the fruit as it makes it way onto fruit stands along with it’s super food sister and brother, acia and pomegranate. At this moment baobab can only be food in upscale grocery stores but it is only a matter of time before the super food makes it way to a normal grocery store if it gains the popularity of other super foods.


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