The World’s Healthiest Spices


We all enjoy spices, they add amazing flavor to our food, brighten up dishes, and are all around a great thing to keep in the kitchen cabinet. But more and more now we are seeing the added health benefits that come along with throwing spices in our everyday meals. Here are some of the healthiest spices you can get your hands on to add to your next meal.

Sage is a great remedy for sore throats and upset stomachs. Researchers are even saying that sage can help improve some symptoms of early Alzheimers disease. Try adding sage to your tea to help sooth that throat or try it on squash or chicken. Parsley has been researched to help inhibit breast cancer cell-growth. Researchers recommend adding parsley to a daily dish to try and prevent breast cancer.

Rosemary pairs great with potatoes and it can help enhance mental focus and fight foodborne bacteria. Try adding rosemary to your next meal by adding it to your meat and potatoes. Chile peppers add a great heat to any meal but they are also known for boosting one’s metabolism. Since chiles can be so hot they help trigger the bodies natural cooling system, when then helps speed up your metabolism. Trying to lose weight then add these spicy favorites to your next dish.

Cinnamon is always great in hot coco or on some cookies but this spice also helps stabilize blood sugar. Researchers say that adding up to two teaspoons a day of cinnamon to your diet can help with type 2 diabetes because it lowers post-meal blood-sugar which usually spikes after a meal.

These spices are just a few of many that can help you live your everyday life. Which spice is your favorite?


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