The Flavors of Fall


Fall is here, even though in California it is still 100 degrees and feels like summer, which means all our favorite fall flavors are starting to appear in our grocery stores and all over the internet. There is more to fall flavors then just pumpkin spice, although pumpkin spice is a great flavor, but lets open our minds to the variety of flavors we can experience during this wonderful season.

With fall comes apple season and with apple season here that means we have so many options to incorporate apples into our daily diet. Apple cinnamon is a great way to add the great taste of apples into your life. Try apple cinnamon pancakes, waffles, or pie for anyone who has a sweet tooth. If you don’t feel like eating apples, you can always make a classic apple cider that taste amazing and will keep you warm.

Flavors like ginger and pomegranate are also perfect for a fall day. Ginger has a spicy taste that is perfect for fall soups or even drinks, while pomegranate has a sweet taste that pairs well with desserts and salads. Both are versatile and pair well with numerous different foods. Cranberries also make a big splash during the fall season, I mean come on who doesn’t like cranberry sauce during Thanksgiving. But cranberries can be used for more then just a side dish, try them in a smoothie to jump start your morning.

Chai is a fall staple but not very well known. Chai tea is perfect for a cold fall morning and the spices that make up chai gives you the boost you need but has an amazing taste and flavor. Try adding caramel or chocolate to your chai tea, your taste buds will love you for it. If you’re not a fan of the chai tea, try adding chai to your oatmeal or cereal in the morning, we promise it isn’t gross.

These are just a few fall flavors to try besides the popular pumpkin spice. Tell us what your favorite fall flavor is!


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