Try Adding these Spices to your Morning Cup of Joe


Happy National Coffee Day! Today is probably one of Boyd Brokerage’s favorite food holidays, although we do love food and spices so we technically love all of them, but coffee holds a special place in our heart. In honor of National Coffee Day lets talk about what we can add to our coffee to give us that extra morning boost without all the added sugar.

A normal cup of coffee has sugar, milk, cream, espresso, you name it then it is probably in it. Instead of heading to the sugar why not try one of these spices in your coffee instead? The Middle East is known for adding cardamom to their coffee which gives the coffee a more exotic flavor. The cardamom also helps slow down the effects that caffeine has on the body.

Cinnamon, a spice perfect for fall is also perfect in your coffee. Adding cinnamon instead of cream and sugar will cut calories and reportedly will help boost your immune system. Try making a Mexican mocha for a fun twist on your mocha in the morning.

Salt….wait say what? Yes, try adding salt to your morning cup of joe. The salt will help soften the bitterness of black coffee which can be helpful for people who want the effects of coffee without everything added into it. Coffee addicts also swear by adding a dash of salt to their cold brew in the morning, they say it helps maximize the flavor of their cold brew.

These are just a few great spices to try in your coffee, don’t be shy and give it a try! Let us know what you think about adding spices to your morning brew.


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