Halloween Mayhem: Smoking Pumpkin



It’s Saturday, the day where most of our parties will take place. You have your drinks, you have your treats, and you have your costume but lets talk about decorations. All over the internet you see ideas about putting punch into a pumpkin but did you ever think of making a smoking pumpkin?

This smoking pumpkin is easy to do but will make your guest wonder how you pulled it off. You can ever take the pumpkin punch bowl up a level with this hack. It’s super easy to do as well.


  • Large pumpkin
  • Small bowl of cold water
  • Cube of dry ice


Carve your pumpkin into whatever face you want. Take your small bowl of cold water and set it inside of your pumpkin. Next, place a cube or two of dry ice into your cold bowl of water. The dry ice should instantly begin smoking out of your pumpkin making it look eerie and cool. Remember do not touch the dry ice with your hands, it can burn you! Use tongs and gloves to protect yourself.

A super simple and easy decoration for you Halloween party that will blow your friends away!


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