The Spices of November



Happy November everyone! Halloween is a thing of the past and now we are inching closer and closer to those beloved holidays. With the arrival of November, it means Christmas shopping is a must and we need to prepare for all the delicious food we are about to eat.

Start your November off right and experiment with some new spices. Adding new spices to your meals will help liven them up and help you from getting bored of the same meal over and over again. Experimenting with new spices can also be fun and you can find a new passion in cooking and baking.

Need some help on where to start in your new spice adventure, don’t worry that is why we are here! Try adding some rosemary to your butter, it may seem unusual but while eating your stews with french bread it will make all the difference.

Star anise in your baking recipes are a must. Star anise has a licorice flavor and can really off set the sweet if any dish but it doesn’t make the dish too bitter. Star anise also looks really cool when you keep it whole, so if you aren’t a fan of the licorice flavor you can use to for decoration instead.

Whole cinnamon sticks are a great way to get flavor but keep your dishes looking festive and perfect for the holidays. Try adding a cinnamon stick to your cider the next time some guest come over. The stick doesn’t over power and drink but gives it a nice cinnamon touch while also looking awesome.

Chili and heat has taken the food industry by storm. Try experimenting with new chilies and see how much heat you enjoy. Peppers like ghost can be extremely hot so watch out, while Serrano can be more tamed. Play round and see while one you like the best, chili is great to add a little kick to any dish.

Have fun this November and experiment with different spices, don’t be shy!



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