Try Baking with these Spices


Since we’re in the holiday season, more and more people are pulling out their baking racks and getting to work. Obviously for cookies and breads the most common spices to use are cinnamon and salts but there are some unknown spices that are lurking about that are perfect to bake with. Read on to see what spices you should be using this holiday season when baking.

Anise seed is a spice that you don’t normally see used too much but it is great for baking. It originates from the Eastern Mediterranean and West Asia, with a mild sweet-tart flavor. Anise seed goes great inside of cookies but also gingerbread and has healing properties for issues like respiratory irritation.

Cardamom has a spicy-sweet flavor and smells amazing. It is typically grown in Asia and used in gingerbread, cookies, almond cookies, and punches. Cardamom has digestive components which makes it even better to bake with. If you wanted to try cardamom but not with your baking, it also goes well in coffee and hot chocolate.

Cloves are one of those classic spices that you use during the holidays but don’t hear too much about. Cloves are used in just about anything during the holidays including gingerbread, punches, and mulled wines. The best thing about cloves are their healing properties. Scientist discovered that cloves help the body build up their own defenses.

Obviously there are other great spices to use during the holidays too, such as, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg, but these are just a few more to throw in while baking to make your holidays treat even tastier.


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