Food Trends Most Likely to be Popular in 2017


Food trends are all the rage. People see amazing dishes posted on Instagram or promises to lower your blood pressure and they are on it. This year we saw a lot of recipes using avocados or cauliflower rice, so what will be the next big thing to sweep the food industry?

Every year Whole Foods comes out with a predication for what they believe will trend in 2017 in relations to food. Here are a few trends they believe will be popping up everywhere.

Coconut: We have been seeing a steady rise in coconut alternatives and Whole Foods is predicting it will be everywhere in 2017. Coconut spreads, aminos, and even tortilla have been easier and easier to get your hands on and consumers are taking advantage of that.

Condiments with a twist: The condiment market has taken a swing ahead and we are no longer seeing just plain mustard or ketchup line our shelves anymore. Creative concoctions like guajillo pepper adobe salsa and pineapple and moonshine BBQ sauce is just tipping the iceberg on all the interesting condiments that we will be seeing in 2017.

Pasta that’s not pasta: In 2016 the spiraled zucchini really took off and food manufacturers are taking that and running. Alternative pastas will be more widely available to consumers, including beet spirals and mixed lentil penne to name a few, because honestly, who doesn’t want to save some carbs?

Meals ready to go: Prepared meals for everyone will really take off in 2017. Regardless if it is just a few sliced up vegetables in a tray or a whole meal ready for the oven, companies know that we like to do it easy and are preparing our dinners ahead of time for us.

These are just a few trends that Whole Foods believe will take off in 2017, which one is your favorite?



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