The Flavors of 2017


2017 is rapidly approaching, scary I know, and when you browse the web you are see articles about “The best of 2016” and “What to expect in 2017” so we are going to jump on that bandwagon and talk about the flavors of 2017 that we will soon be seeing.

The last few years we have been seeing a rise in global flavors being used but now lets use those spices and flavors to help jump start our mornings. Adding some spices and sauces to your breakfast can give you long lasting energy, boost your metabolism, and get you excited to get out of a bed and try that new recipe you’ve been eyeing.

Eggs are for more then just breakfast, especially the yolk. Pairing the protien enriched egg yolk with savory flavors will make any lunch or dinner go from bland to a grand slam. Try pairing eggs with a tomato sauce or in a broth bowl to get a great flavor combination.

Mediterranean flavors will be huge in 2017 and we see why. Ingredients like barberries and baharat seasoning will make an appearance, adding amazing flavors to home style dishes that we already know and love. Try pairing these Mediterranean flavors with some of your favorite Italian dishes for a mind blowing flavor experience.

Peppers and chilies have really made a stance in the last few years and it will be no different in 2017. A pepper and sweet combination will make a bigger impact in 2017 with syrups and pepper infused fruits making a hit. Try pairing these peppers with dragon fruit or a date syrup for a tongue tingling adventure.

These are just a few flavors that will be causing a stir during 2017, which one is your favorite? For more trends and recipes visit McCormick website.


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