The Most Popular Food We Ate this Year


With 2016 winding down and new trends emerging, let’s reflect back on some of the best and most popular dishes that were being order and made all throughout 2016.

Mac and cheese tops the list of popular dishes for 2016 and we aren’t surprised. This classic can be made numerous ways with a vegetarian or meat option. With restaurants opening up that solely focus on this dish and food trucks offering it up, we are sure to continue seeing a rise of mac and cheese.

Southern fried chicken with waffles and southern fried chicken with oxtail made the list as well. We’ve never tried the latter but chicken and waffles are always a favorite of someones in your group. Mixing savory with sweet, what more could a person ask for? Rounding out the list is tonkotsu ramen which is perfect any time or day of the week.

GrubHub expects to see a rise in ternera, tamales, poke, spam mushubi, tater tots and pho to name a few in 2017. If these trends continue to go with these added new recipes, it looks like 2017 will be a tasty year!



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