2017 the Year of the FridgeCam


2017 is here and remarkable gadgets have already hit the market. What gadget are we referring to? The FridgeCam, an invention that makes all grocery shopping a little easier and deciding if you need that bottle of wine an easy decision.

Smarter, a London based company, introduced us to FridgeCam which does exactly what it sounds like; shows you the contents of what is inside of your fridge. The FridgeCam can also send you reminders for expiration dates and what groceries are running low.

Now Smarter didn’t make this product just to make your life easier but to actual help cut down on food waste by letting its user know that they have food that is about to go bad. It will also tell you if your fridge temperature is off and if food has been removed from the fridge.

We like the idea behind FridgeCam but not sure if it is something we would use ourselves. As our Boss says, I have eyes. Is the FridgeCam something that you would use?



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