Spice Up your Cookies with these Added Ingredients


Can you really ever go wrong with a cookie? Most likely not, unless you super burn them like I occasionally do, but lets not ponder on that. Cookies are amazing and diverse but sometimes we are tired of the same old chocolate chip or sugar cookie and want a little more oomph with our dough.

Fortunately we have a wide variety of spices that actually work great in your cookie dough recipes! I know it sounds weird to add “spice” to cookies, but honestly it will only enhance their flavors and make your taste buds explode with the flavor that follows. So the next time you are baking a batch of your favorite cookies, why not try adding these ingredients too.

Black pepper paired with unsweetened cocoa powder will add a touch of heat that you are looking for. The heat of the pepper will help offset the super sweetness of the cookie and only make it better. If pepper isn’t spicy enough for you then try cayenne. Cayenne will bring even more heat to the cookie and if you throw it in with some chocolate you are going to be loving the flavor combination!

Curry goes great with cookies. When you think of components that go into making curry it actually makes sense adding the spice to a dough, especially a ginger bread or shortbread cookie. The flavors just go hand-in-hand together.

What spices do you love adding to your cookies for an added flavor?


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