The Cannabis Conundrum, The Event you Need to Attend.


With cannabis now legal in California it opens up a whole new slew of doors for the edible industry. With the legalized of Prop 64 a lot of questions are also raised, is making and selling edibles now legal? What actions does one have to go through to start in the cannabis industry? Trust us when we say that the edible industry may be in a little bit of a grey zone at the moment.

Now you may be asking yourself these questions or just generally curious about what and what isn’t legal with cannabis now. Fortunately the San Francisco Professional Food Society and the Research Chef Association have already organized a seminar that can help answer all your questions! A seminar will be held on March 28th in Burlingame where top local regulatory lawyers and scientist will discuss regulations and safety in the cannabis edible space. That means you can go to this seminar and already get a jump start on what you need to know in what can only be a fast growing industry.

If you are interested in learning more about the edible word and where you may stand, you can get tickets to the event here.


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