Is Savory Yogurt Something You’ll Try?

02_Savory Yogurt.jpg

We are all use to our normal everyday sweet yogurt. Usually sweetened with fruit or mixed in sugars, everyone knows what to expect when browsing their dairy department and grabbing their favorite mid-morning snack. But now yogurt is heading in a new direction and trying to help consumers tackle a different craving, the savory one.

Yogurt companies are now dipping their toes in the savory department testing flavors like butternut squash, sage, and cinnamon. Numerous companies have already released their own unique brands on the savory flavors which are perfect for someone looking to try something new.

Saffron Road Foods has introduced a coconut curry korma sauce which has a mixture of spices, turmeric, and coconut milk. Pop Art Snacks has a tandoori yogurt popcorn which is a blend exotic spices and Mediterranean-style yogurt giving the popcorn a rich, bold flavor.

These are just a few of the amazing savory yogurt flavors that will be hitting our shelves. Is savory yogurt something you would try?


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