Try These Spices to Help Curve That Sweet Tooth


We all get those mid-afternoon cravings for sweets but sometimes we can’t indulge like we want to and instead sit at our desk miserable and dreaming of a jelly filled doughnut. Did you know you can add a few simple spices to your daily routine to help curve your sweet tooth though? Yep, it is really that easy. Take a look below at some spices you can add to your meals to help you get that sweet tooth under control.

Fenugreek has a maple taste and a maple/sugar smell to it, which makes it perfect to help stop that sweet tooth. Research has also shown that fenugreek helps lower blood sugar levels, so it actually has two benefits all in one. Fenugreek goes great with soups or curry, so try adding some to your next meal!

Cinnamon and nutmeg are no surprise here. Cinnamon has an already sweet taste to it which can help satisfy sugar cravings but it can also help reduce the glycemic levels that food has. Cinnamon is a great spice for all diabetics to use too! Nutmeg is often paired with some of our holiday favorites which can help bring back comforting memories but also nutmeg helps boost your bodies natural serotonin levels.

Cardamom has a slightly sweet flavor and some say it is the spicier version of cinnamon. Cardamom has a lemon-vanilla smell to it and is so versatile, you can use it in almost anything. Try adding it to a smoothie, yogurt bowl, or your oatmeal and that afternoon craving will be kicked to the curb.

Using these spices can help you naturally stop eating that extra sugar but still leave you feeling satisfied. Give them a try and we promise you won’t regret it!


The Cannabis Conundrum, The Event you Need to Attend.


With cannabis now legal in California it opens up a whole new slew of doors for the edible industry. With the legalized of Prop 64 a lot of questions are also raised, is making and selling edibles now legal? What actions does one have to go through to start in the cannabis industry? Trust us when we say that the edible industry may be in a little bit of a grey zone at the moment.

Now you may be asking yourself these questions or just generally curious about what and what isn’t legal with cannabis now. Fortunately the San Francisco Professional Food Society and the Research Chef Association have already organized a seminar that can help answer all your questions! A seminar will be held on March 28th in Burlingame where top local regulatory lawyers and scientist will discuss regulations and safety in the cannabis edible space. That means you can go to this seminar and already get a jump start on what you need to know in what can only be a fast growing industry.

If you are interested in learning more about the edible word and where you may stand, you can get tickets to the event here.

Lady Gaga is Launching a Line of Wine Called Grigio Girls


Everyone’s favorite pop star is about to launch her very own line of wine. Lady Gaga dazzled people over the weekend with her amazing Half Time performance at the Superbowl and quickly after announced her world tour for her latest album “Joanne”.

Soon after, Gaga also announced her plans to launch a wine collection called “Grigio Girls” which is also the title of a song on her recent album. The line will include wine, wine coolers, wine cocktails, and wine punches.

It’s no surprise that Gaga is dipping her toe into the wine industry, she often shows her culinary skills on her Instagram and Snapchat. There is no official release date for when this wine collection will hit shelves or where the “Grigio Girls” will be selling at but lets hope my local BevMo has it because this Little Monster can’t wait to try it!

McCormick Debuts Their Spring Product Line


Spring is just around the corner, thank goodness, and McCormick has introduced us to their new spring product line that will be hitting shelves soon. McCormick listened to their customers and are exploring flavors from various regions but making it easy for the consumer to get the flavor they are looking for.

With their McCormick Grill Mates we are seeing a blend of flavors from sweet to spicy, including Hawaiian Woodfire Grill Marinade, Garlic, Herb, and Wine Marinade, and Southwest Chipotle Burger Sauce Mix-In. McCormick knows that consumers are really into chilies this year and even has a Bacon Chipotle seasoning.

Stubb’s is coming out with meat specific marinades and mixes. A Texas Steakhouse Marinade Mix which includes Ancho Chili and Garlic is sure to be a hit but they also stay with a classic taste like the Chicken Marinade Mix with Citrus and Onion.

Zatarain’s is adding a whole bunch of heatt to their flavor combinations including Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread Mix and a Cajun Hot Sauce. Adding to their rice flavor they are introducing a Cilantro Lime Rice and a Buttermilk Biscuit Mix.

These are just a few of the new flavors that McCormick will be introducing during the spring lineup. Which flavors are you excited to try?

Spice Up your Cookies with these Added Ingredients


Can you really ever go wrong with a cookie? Most likely not, unless you super burn them like I occasionally do, but lets not ponder on that. Cookies are amazing and diverse but sometimes we are tired of the same old chocolate chip or sugar cookie and want a little more oomph with our dough.

Fortunately we have a wide variety of spices that actually work great in your cookie dough recipes! I know it sounds weird to add “spice” to cookies, but honestly it will only enhance their flavors and make your taste buds explode with the flavor that follows. So the next time you are baking a batch of your favorite cookies, why not try adding these ingredients too.

Black pepper paired with unsweetened cocoa powder will add a touch of heat that you are looking for. The heat of the pepper will help offset the super sweetness of the cookie and only make it better. If pepper isn’t spicy enough for you then try cayenne. Cayenne will bring even more heat to the cookie and if you throw it in with some chocolate you are going to be loving the flavor combination!

Curry goes great with cookies. When you think of components that go into making curry it actually makes sense adding the spice to a dough, especially a ginger bread or shortbread cookie. The flavors just go hand-in-hand together.

What spices do you love adding to your cookies for an added flavor?

Starbucks is Ending their Evening Menu


Millennials everywhere are taking a moment to mourn the loss of the Starbucks evening menu. The evening menu was specifically served at night which featured small artisan plates that paired with beer and wine. The program started in 2010 but only at select Starbucks.

January 10th, today, is the final day for the evening menu but fear not, Starbucks will continue to serve alcohol at their high-end Roasteries and Reserve stores. They plan on opening at least 20 Roasteries around the world, six of those being open by the end of 2019. Starbucks’ also plans on opening 1,000 more Reserve stores, which is like a normal Starbucks only bigger.

Starbucks wants their focus to be more on the lunch menu now and is trying to expand their fresh and healthy-food selection. Keep a look out for organic soups, new bistro boxes, to-go salads, and desserts to name a few.

2017 the Year of the FridgeCam


2017 is here and remarkable gadgets have already hit the market. What gadget are we referring to? The FridgeCam, an invention that makes all grocery shopping a little easier and deciding if you need that bottle of wine an easy decision.

Smarter, a London based company, introduced us to FridgeCam which does exactly what it sounds like; shows you the contents of what is inside of your fridge. The FridgeCam can also send you reminders for expiration dates and what groceries are running low.

Now Smarter didn’t make this product just to make your life easier but to actual help cut down on food waste by letting its user know that they have food that is about to go bad. It will also tell you if your fridge temperature is off and if food has been removed from the fridge.

We like the idea behind FridgeCam but not sure if it is something we would use ourselves. As our Boss says, I have eyes. Is the FridgeCam something that you would use?